The best Kebab in Tehran uptown

The best Kebab in Tehran uptown

Where is the best Kebab in Tehran uptown?

If you\’re on the hunt for top-notch grilled cuisine or the ultimate Kebab experience, you\’re in for a treat with this article. Chelo Kebab, a beloved gem among Iranian delicacies. When crafted with the utmost authenticity and flavor, this dish possesses the power to captivate its patrons for years on end.

List of restaurants in Tehran uptown with Chelo Kebab menu

  • Setargan food restaurant with a variety of Iranian dishes located in Farmaniye neighborhood
  • Persis luxury restaurant with a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes with live music located in Zafaranieh neighborhood
  • Kaluk restaurant with a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes located on Shariati Street
  • Haj Nusrat Restaurant with all kinds of Chelo Kebab located on Dezashib Street
  • Sarahi Iranian restaurant with a variety of Iranian dishes located in Tajrish
  • Lethir restaurant with a variety of Iranian and traditional dishes located in Velanjak
  • Tarighat restaurant with a special menu of all Iranian dishes, 110 years old, with two branches in Sabhaqraniyeh and Aqdasiyeh.

The best Kebab in Tehran uptown

Why is the best Chelo Kebab in Tehran uptown for Tarighat Restaurant?

As mentioned, Tarighat Restaurant is not a newly established restaurant. This restaurant was first reopened in 1933 in the market of Tehran. From the very beginning, this restaurant based its work on customer orientation, good quality, providing a pleasant environment and using the best raw materials in line with the health of the society. This is the reason why it has been able to maintain its age for a century and keep its loyal customers satisfied. Along with other diverse services, Tarighat Group has dedicated a special section to receive food orders from all over the city of Tehran. The experienced staff of this department are ready to send your orders to your home, workplace, etc. with well-equipped couriers from noon to evening. Also, our collection is ready to provide food for your gatherings, parties and other occasions. You can ask us for the best Chelo Kebab in the first district of Tehran and be the perfect host for your event.

Why does everyone like Chelo Kebab?

Since this dish was invented by Iranians since the Qajar period, it gradually became known as the national dish. Similarly, its popularity among people increased day by day. Of course, the properties of challah kebab are not hidden among foods, and one of the reasons for the popularity of this dish is its unique properties. Usually, chloe kebab is a food that is loved by all ages, and it is often the main dish of special events such as weddings, engagements, etc., and grand parties. So, it can be said that Chelo Kebab is a fixed and favorite food of every party. You can taste the delicious and memorable taste of Chelo Kebab at Tarighat restaurant. Tarighat restaurant uses the freshest mutton with high-quality raw materials to prepare pounded kebabs. For this reason, it has been able to keep alive the memory and the memorable taste of the old Tehran kebabs. In the menu of Tarighat restaurant, you can order all kinds of Iranian dishes, all kinds of Chelo kebab (Kebab with rice), grilled chicken, Chelo khoresht (Stew with rice) , mutton leaf kebab, shishlik, lamb kebab, bite kebab, chicken with rice and barberry, traditional stews like Gheime Nisar, lamb fillet kebab.

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