Tarighat Restaurant

With a Century of Experience in The True Sense of Originality. Ask your Grandfathers About The Taste of Authentic Tarighat Persian Food.

Tarighat Restaurant

Tarighat Restaurant

Tarighat restaurant with Mr. Alireza Tarighat management.

Tarighat is a genuine and long-established restaurant that places a high value on maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. At Tarighat restaurant, the seasoned team is committed to consistently providing you, our cherished patrons, with top-notch kebabs and incredibly tasty stews made from the freshest ingredients. We invite you to experience it firsthand. You can gauge the authenticity of our words and the validity of our promise with just one visit. Additionally, this restaurant offers the convenience of food delivery throughout the vicinity. We take great pride in having the opportunity to welcome you, our esteemed customers.
Tarighat Restaurant
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Steeped in history and cultural allure, Tarighat restaurant stands as a symbolic gem of Iranian gastronomy. Throughout its existence, the restaurant has adeptly upheld the authenticity and true essence of local dishes. Concurrently, it has seamlessly woven modern and fresh culinary techniques into its offerings, creating an unparalleled dining adventure for its patrons. The restaurant’s menu is a vast tapestry of culinary delights. Ranging from renowned classics like kebabs, stews, and appetizers to an assortment of tantalizing desserts, Tarighat restaurant’s hallmark lies in its commitment to high quality and the use of meticulously chosen, fresh ingredients.

Tarighat Restaurant, an esteemed establishment of Persian Restaurant, boasts an extensive history and comprises two distinctive branches. The first branch is nestled within the Aqhdasieh Ava Center complex, while the second graces the Eqdasiye Platinum complex. In both settings, patrons are treated to the finest Iranian culinary treasures within an ambiance that exudes warmth and tradition. A diverse array of local specialties and renowned favorites cater to the discerning tastes of customers. Renowned across Aghdasieh for its rich history and favorable reputation, Tarighat Restaurant is a cherished haven for aficionados of Iranian cuisine.

With multiple branches, Tarighat Restaurant offers the privilege of savoring delectable dishes in the preferred environment of its patrons. Given the restaurant’s widespread popularity and the allure of its offerings, it’s advisable to secure a reservation in advance. This ensures an enjoyable and memorable experience at Tarighat Restaurant, where delightful moments and flavorsome fare intertwine seamlessly.

Platinum Branch

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No. 110, Platinum Passage, Sahibqaranieh, Mohed Danesh St., Aqdasiyeh

Ava Center Branch

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Aqdasiyeh, Mohed Danesh St., Ava Center Shopping Center, Tarighat Restaurant


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Tarighat Restaurant

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